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Local Rules

1. USGA Rules of Golf govern all play except as modified by local conditions.

2. OUT OF BOUNDS -- Defined by the fences and the white stakes bordering the golf course, the outside edge of the asphalt surrounding the club house and any ball coming to rest beyond the inside edge of the white stakes on holes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 18.  LOCAL RULE:  If your ball comes to rest on the golf course beyond the inside edge of the white stakes of the hole being played, the ball is out of bounds.  (STROKE AND DISTANCE PENALTY)

3. Penalty areas are marked with red stakes or  yellow stakes or yellow lines. Holes 4 and 7 have drop areas as an additional option under Rule 26-1.

4. A ball hitting the power lines on #12 must be replayed, without penalty.

5. To keep the Course clean, it will not be a penalty to hit balls from #1 and #10 back into the range.

6. Practicing is not allowed on the Golf Course.

7. Metal spikes are not allowed on the Golf Course.


Men:  Please wear shirts at all times and no gym shorts or tank tops.
Women:  Please wear mid-thigh shorts and no halter tops or tank tops.


1. Everyone must register before playing.

2. Each golfer must have his or her own set of clubs.

3. Play ready golf - keep up with the group ahead and on a four hour pace.

4. Fix your ball mark and one other. Replace your divots and rake sandtraps.

5. Two riders only per cart. Only licensed drivers may drive a golf cart. Absolutely no children may drive a cart.

6. Golf carts must maintain a distance of 30 feet from all tees, greens and sandtraps.

7. Do not hit into players (or super crew) in front of you.

8. No private beverages or coolers are allowed on the golf course.

9. Children under age 12 are only allowed on the golf course if they are playing with an adult, practicing with an adult or participating in sponsored youth activities.

10. Course staff has the authority to enforce the rules, control play and eject violators or suspend privileges for non-compliance.

11. Golfers are responsible for all damages that may occur during the course of play or practice. This includes anywhere on the golf course, parking lot and roadways adjacent to the course.

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